Buildout Social Media Integration

At Buildout, I developed a RESTful API Web Service using Ruby on Rails in MacOS that leveraged the APIs of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to integrate them into Buildout. I designed a frontend user experience that connected to our Web Service to allow Buildout users to securely log in, post to, and get insights from their preferred social medias.

RubyRuby on RailsREST APIsReactWeb ServicesPostgreSQLPostman

Website for Comedy Show Advertisement and Audition Registration

My improv group needed a stronger online presence and simple software tools to help streamline tasks. I designed a CRUD website where we can post info, embed our livestream shows, allow users to create an account, upload media and register for our auditions, as well as support admin accounts that have permissions to edit frontend website elements.

Ruby on RailsWeb DevelopmentAuthenticationPrivilege separation

Smart Chess Board with Phone Connectivity

For my built two smart chess boards that connect to the players smartphones via Bluetooth so two people can play a physical game of chess no matter the distance between them. I specialized in Android app development, Bluetooth communication, and PCB design.

CJavaAndroid developmentPCB DesignBluetoothMicrocontroller Interfacing

Dan Burger Portfolio Website

I wanted to create my own corner on the Internet where I could share to the world a little bit about myself, the projects I have worked on, and the books that have helped my career path as a Software Engineer. The product is what you see right now! I had the chance to learn about registering a custom domain name, DNS, and how to quickly launch a project by combining multiple technologies.

GatsbyReactGitHub PagesGoogle Domains

Custom Built Compiler using Java

As part of a Compilers course at Purdue University, I collaborated with a project partner to develop a compiler in Java for a simple programming language that supports scanning and parsing, code generation for assignments, expressions, control statements and functions, register allocation, and pointers. This gave me great experience using Java and version control with Git.

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